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Road Bike
Road Bike
44 Size.
(Height 150~160cm/
4ft 11.06in ~ 5ft 2.99in)
48 Size.
(Height 165~170cm/
5ft 4.96in ~ 5ft 6.93in)
51 Size.
(Height 170~175cm/
5ft 6.93in ~ 5ft 8.9in)
52 Size.
(Height 170~175cm/
5ft 6.93in ~ 5ft 8.9in)
54 Size.
(Height 175cm ~ More than/
5ft 8.9in ~ More than)
Mountain Bike
(Front Suspension)
Mountain bike(front suspension)
Small (Height 145~165cm/4ft 9.09in ~ 5ft 4.96in)
Medium (Height 165~175cm/5ft 4.96in ~ 5ft 8.9in)
Large (Height 175cm ~ More than/5ft 8.9in ~ More than)
Mountain Bike
(Double suspension)
GROVE Kamakura
Small (Height 155~165cm/5ft 1.02in ~ 5ft 4.96in)
Various options
Light (Front)
Light (Rear)
Helmet (small/medium)
Helmet(large/extra large)

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  • Once your reservation has been confirmed by our staff, you will receive a reservation completion e-mail. By receiving this e-mail your reservation has been confirmed.
  • To cancel your reservation, you can contact us up to the day before your reservation.
  • If we deem your sandals, high-heels, etc. unsafe for riding, we may stop you from riding.
  • Identification is required. Please bring your driving license, health insurance card, etc.
  • Customers 18 years old or under are required to present a written consent from their parent/guardian.
  • Customers under the effects of alcohol will be refused.