Bicycle Rules

  1. Bicycles are regulated like other vehicles.
    Bicycles are non-motorized vehicles. Please follow the rules and ride with manners.
  2. You should ride on the left side.
    As a non-motorized vehicle, you should ride on the left side. You must not ride on the right side.
  3. Cyclists should ride on the roadway.
    Aside from sidewalks where riding a bicycle is possible, you should ride the bicycle on the roadway.
  4. Tips for riding well.
    Pay attention to traffic mirrors and road signs. Confirm your surroundings frequently.
    For narrow intersections, ride slowly and safely.
  5. Communication is key.
    Use eye contact and gestures to convey your actions with pedestrians and other road users.
  6. Push the bike on busy streets.
    When there are many pedestrians, please stop riding and walk with the bicycle instead.
    There are many pedestrians and cars near Komachi Street and near the Daibutsu. Please take necessary precautions.
  7. For safety reasons
    Remembering the rules is important but following the rules is even more important.
    Riding a bicycle while using a mobile phone or headphones, ignoring traffic lights, and being under the influence of alcohol are all illegal.
    Please be cautious and enjoy cycling.

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  • グローブ鎌倉レンタル