Insurance and Compensation

GROVE Kamakura bicycle rental customers are covered
by our accident insurance.
The insurance fee is included in the bicycle rental fee.

Accidents that occur during rental use are
covered under the following accident insurance guidelines.

Compensation for injuries as a result of accidents to the customer

Compensation information

Death or residual disability Hospitalization Hospital visit
2,830,000 yen
2,000 yen per day
(Up to 180 days, including hospital visits)
1,000 yen per day
(Up to 90 days)
死亡・後遺障害 最高283万円
入院 1日2,000円(通院日数を含め180日間限度)
通院 1日1,000円(90日間限度)

Compensation in the event that you injure someone else or
damage someone else’s property

Compensation information

For one accident
Maximum 10,000,000 yen
1回の事故について 最高1,000万円

About theft, loss, damage, or malfunction of rental bicycles
(including optional equipment)

  • Other than due to poor maintenance, the customer will bear the cost for any damage or malfunctions to the rental bike.
  • If, while renting a bicycle, it gets stolen, the value of the bike will be calculated, and the customer will bear the cost.
  • For any accidents, thefts, damages, malfunctions, or other troubles that occur, please notify this business and/or the police swiftly.
    GROVE Kamakura TEL.+81-467-23-6667
    Kamakura police station (For accidents or theft) TEL.+81-467-23-0110

    *Please note that in the event of problem, our staff may not be able to go to your location.